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Lights, Camera, Action

"GOT CHAIR?" dance production
Chair Troop
CHAIR TROOP mini - event performance

Merry CHAIR-mas

---Mean Girls Style

Wedding Pop Up Dances

Wedding Video

Groom vs Groom     (Bart & Oz)

Dance Off....Pants....were kept on in this Beyonce/J lo inspired creation

Dynamic Duo     (Matthew & Leigh)

Breakin it down with the tunes from back in the day (70's til now...hahahaha)

     Tempting Tango with a Twist   (Mike & Ruth)


Dancing with the Stars (Regan & Troy)
Mash Up Masterpiece  (Candace & Phil)
choreographed collaboration w/ the ever popular DANCE SPA and a lil BMD flare

                   Coming Soon.....

Michael & Liz's romance is soooo close to you right now

                             Coming Soon.....

Jenny & Ryan had the time of their life surprising their guests with this 80's classic!

 Romance is Mission POSSIBLE where old school meets new school               (Bojana & Vlad)

Coming Soon.....

Aaron & Andrea

Coming Soon.....

Dad and Daughter dynamic duo that will make your hands clap 


Chairtastics Video


 "It's Brittney...." 

"Blurred Lines"

"Back Seat"

 "Whisper Song" 


"Don't Stop" 

 "It's Just One Thing"

"She came to give it to me"

"Breathe #1"

"Breathe (take 2)"


Coaching / Choreography

Coaching Choreography Video

Please be advised, Body Movin Dance respects the privacy of our parents with their children's dance teams.  Some videos of the younger dancers are not displayed to honor the wishes of families not wanting their children on the internet.  Please schedule a meeting and these videos may be  shown in a private setting.


Dance Teams

Chicago Mustang Dancers

Chicago Thunder

Chicago Dream Machine

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