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Owner/Director: Regan (Farag) Frost



From a hip hop Hoosier to a Chitown dancing diva, Regan Farag Frost has made a name for herself in the dance industry.  As a little rebel, tutu and ballet slippers were overshadowed by sweat pants and Addidas- the true sign of the beginning of her hip hop career.  Leaning more to the liking of the "guys" type of stereotypical dancing (breaking, fancy footwork...), this lil choreographing brainiac absorbed the moves by watching EVERYTHING.  She practiced and practiced and mimicked every little bit her eyes became fixated on.  A fly girl was her not so typical "when I grow updream" and her parents could not be prouder.  Her family educated her on the strength she would have from hard work and following her passions....but it was going to be hard work.  She knew through her steps, leaps and bounds each and every day that dance was meant to be a part of her life and that she was meant to pass on this gift of self-expression to the young and frugal dance-a-holics out there.  She began training all age ranges, levels and styles to rise to the challenge of dance.  She has had the opportunity and fortune to work with professional dancers, singers, and entertainers all over and these people have made her a better person, dancer, choreographer and overall business woman you see before you today.


Her dance-a-thon of life continued through the years running circles around different styles and making them her own.  She had a hold of hip hop, molding and creating Body Movin Dance but other variations were added to build her empire.  She loved to test the boundries of her styles.   Incorporating cabaret/burlesque and the acrobatic style of chair dancing into the mix,  she brought a new vision to the table (or actually the chair).  The sexy swag of Chair-tastics "Cirque Du Soleil mixed with sassy Hip Hop was the first way to have a fitness flare.  Meshing hip hop and chair tricks together created an unbelievable workout and art form.  

From there she saw a move of the love of making her memories and wanted to help others make their memories down to their last dip.  Wedding Pop Up Dances became another building block to this colorful dance empire.  Brides, Grooms, Dads, Moms and the wedding party have lined up at the opportunity of greating a masterpiece and letting her and the BMD crew take care of them down to their last dip!

But she still wanted MORE......and then she did it: producer, director, choreographer and performer..."GOT CHAIR!? " was born.  A twinkle in her eye  made her dream a reality with a phenomenal cast and chair troop of fierce females.

And you guessed it...she still wants more.  Her hunger for more brought about yet another production "in the works"...."GOT KIDZ"....stay tuned this is gonna be BIG for 2018


.........And now she is proud to share all these ever growing productions with you.

Everyone can dance, its all in the way you break it down....and she can break it down so you can serve it up.



What's Her Story?

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