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Chair Troop including "GOT CHAIR" production

Chair Troop

BMD has created a unique, dimensional, and dynamic dance company,  providing enticing and sassy performancesof chair-ography.  Think Cirque Du Soleil meets a dramatic mix of sassy hip hop, burlesque, Broadway musicals, lyrical, acrabatic astonishments....making a monumental creation of chair-ography (with the use of a flirty prop: "the chair")  They will take your breathe away with dramatic and dimensional chair-ography and give you a spicy taste of a theatrical masterpieces.

GOT CHAIR? is a risque, sexy, chair-dancing journey through movies, pop culture and everyday life – think Book of Mormon, Chelsea Handler and Amy Shumer-like in-your-face comedy through dance added to the pop songs and movies, taking them way over the top! We’re using chairs - in ways you never thought chairs could be used - to weave our way through pop culture and reinterpret each story as a fun, steamy and always chair-licious experience you won’t soon forget!

Wedding Pop Ups

Wedding Pop Up Dances

Your "not so typical" and "non traditional" 1st dance

These are the dances that you cannot wait to see at a wedding...that catch your eye on youtube. 


I stand by my word to produce an outstanding and unique choreographed creation for the bride and grooms very special day.  By mixing my colorful imagination with the style/personality/ideas of the  bride and groom, wedding party, parents, or other associated to the wedding.......because everyone wants a piece of this cake (action).....I can serve up and deliver one heck of a routine. I have the utmost confidence that my choreography will blow the minds of the bride, groom, family, and friends.  My goal is to provide my client with a dance and practices that will give them both a satisfaction that they not only chose the right direction to pursue this vision with me but will also give them the confidence to pull it off on their wedding day with ease and grace.  Let me create  your choreographed memoraable dream first dance down to your last dip.




CHAIR-tastic is a CHALLENGING (no seriously, the faint of heart need not apply) and EMPOWERING workshop
 -creates and maintains a sculpted body, for the fierce female AND magnificent male!
 -builds your ability to perform dimensional dance moves
 -fun and sexy alternative to cookie-cutter cardio dance classes.
 -designed to target your core and female and male goodies through a stress-melting performance.
 -"Cirque Du Soleil" meets sassy hip hop on a chair for one heck of an acrobatic performance

    BOOK US FOR YOUR  next


Guaranteed to bring out the fierce flash dancer in you!. You will love this fresh approach of "getting your chair dance on!" The creative choreography that I bring to the table (or chair..hahaha) strengthens your balance, core, muscle toning and overall confidence in YOU as a fun sexy fierce female.!!!  So whether you are looking for some new moves to spice up your dance routines, ready to be the center of attention on the dance floor, or just need a new and exciting fitness routine and a fun way to get in shape....CHAIR-tatstics will bring out your inner diva and is guaranteed to accomplish all the above.






Coaching / Choreography

Coaching & Choreography

all levels, all ages, all events, all styles----(private or group)



Hip hop, don't stop- hottest steps and create a masterpiece of new ideas to serve up on the dance floor (please refer to class descriptions)


Floor tricks- the beginnings of break dancing meshed with creative acrobatic moves


Props- the use of hoodies, hats, canes, towels, enhance a dance routine


Dance Teams (poms, cheerleading, professional sports teams)

Chicago Machine Dream Team

Chicago Thunder Dancers


Fitness Competitors- Let's put the WOW and O SNAP factor in a kick booty routine for the judges- my ideas will blow your mind!


Back Up Dancers- on your way to LA or have work here in Chi-town?...I can train you to hold your own on the stage and stand out from the rest


Events (wedding, birthday, bar mitzvahs)


Kidz Movin-- "GOT KIDZ" prodcution TBD

Kidz Movin


Tryouts for "GOT KIDS"?...a comedic kids dancing journey through all the trials and tribulations they feel in every day life!....a trip to the principals office, a parent/teacher conference, a doctor/dentist visit, a new baby, a new pet, taking a bath, a first date, a first dance, seeing mom and dad...KISS......o snap mom & dad!!!!!

Want to see if your child has what it takes......

enroll them in KIDS MOVIN hip hop camp


Center Stage Academy of Dance (

hip hop teacher beginner - advanced


New Einsteins Academy (

nursery school hip hop class


Lakeview Highschool Poms



Hazelwood Middle School (New Albany, Indiana)

choreographed 1st place hip hop cometition routine


Baby Take a Bow

hip hop teacher


St Xavier College

hip hop competition choreographer


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